Blum Servo-Drive for Aventos HF

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Fascinating - automatic opening and closing.
Thanks to SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, lift systems glide open at a single touch on fronts.
Even large and heavy fronts open with gravity-defying ease.
They lift up and out of the user's way to provide ergonomic access to interiors.
Comfortable and easy closing: Provided by the easy to reach switch on the cabinet side.
The product is equipped with BLUMOTION for soft and effortless closing.
Included in the servo drive pack.
1 x Drive Unit.
1 x 1500mm Cable.
1 x Connecting Node.
2 x Cable End Protectors.
1 x Servo Drive Cover Cap (Left).
1 x Cover Cap (Right).
2 x Round Cover Caps.
2 x Servo-Drive Switches.
6 x Distance Bumpers.
1 x Transform.
Watts: 72W.
Voltage: 24V.
Cable Length: 2m.
1 x power cable.
Transformer Housing - Wall Mounted.
Assembly Instructions.
Cable Length: 2m.