Smeg ECF01BLUK Black Coffee Machine

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The Smeg ECF01 Coffee Machine which is ideal for complementing a modern or traditional kitchen is designed with a unique sleek and slimline design:

  • Using freshly ground coffee - prepared at the perfect temperature, pressure and contact time you can be rest assured it will deliver the perfect coffee!
  • The coffee is produced at 98ºC, however the temperature can be altered to create a bespoke drink
  • The simple to use backlit control panel makes it easy to use with options for expresso, double expresso and milk frothing to give you ultimate choice
  • There are other options to change the coffee quantity and also an adjustable milk frother wand which creates a rich, thick and long lasting foam, perfect for a cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, hot chocolate or a mocha
  • Maintenance is simple, the 1L water tank, removable waste collection and cup tray can all be easily removed and cleaned