Bathroom Installation


We have two experienced fitting teams here at KBME. Both lead by the family that run our business. Our friendly teams are punctual, polite and understand our customers want to go through this process with as little stress as possible. Our teams are fully trained in the bathroom products they're installing. We try our best to ensure a smooth process throughout.


We are an authorised reseller of many of the market leading brands. Across every product we supply a wide variety of products to suit a wide range of budget and taste. We supply many brands such as Aqualisa, MX, Bushboard Nuance, Roper Rhodes, Britton Bathrooms, Roca, April, Burlington & many more. 


Initial Interest - We understand the thought of getting a whole new bathroom can be a daunting thought for customers. You'll have many questions e.g. "how much does a new bathroom cost?" "what products are out there?" etc. Our friendly showroom team are more than happy to help with any questions you have. Firstly it's of upmost importance to start to get an understanding of the basics what a customer would like. We've found through experience a lot of customers work best "visually" so by browsing our displays a customer will feel a lot more comfortable in what they want.

Measure Up, Design & Quote - We'd then book for one of our team to come out and measure up your existing bathroom. We don't expect at this stage for the customer to 100% know everything they want but from even as vague as "I'd like a new bathroom. This is the space I have. I like gloss and I'd like to see it in two colour options of beige and grey". From our experience we'd then be comfortable after getting the measurements to go and create a virtual design of what you'd like. At this stage this is still all free no obligation.

Changes - You'll now have a very clear picture in front of you. A high quality image showing you what your bathroom will look like. A provisional installation date and a quote with a price breakdown. Anything that doesn't suit your budget or you don't like the look of we'll change that for you. Once you're 100% happy we'll then get the go ahead.

Installation - Now the customer is 100% happy and the install date is fast approaching. All the hard work for the customer is now done. We'd require a full payment for all products (not install) 4 weeks before your installation date so we can get all the products in our warehouse and store them so they're ready for your install. Our team will then come and start installation on your allocated start date. You'll also be given a guide line of how many days the installation will take and this will obviously vary based on how big the project is and the works involved. Once installation is finished we'll raise an invoice straight away for install price you were quoted. We'd require immediate payment for this.

Aftercare - Our showroom team are more than happy to help with and product based questions you have after installation. If a product has an issue and is under guarantee we'll be happy to get that sorted for you.


How much does a new bathroom cost? This question is to hard to even offer a ballpark figure. It's dependent on many factors. What units you like, brand, gadgets, price group finish, how much space you have, granite or laminate worktops. These are just some of the factors that just each factor can differ hundreds or in some case thousands of pounds to your quote.

How long is your waiting list? Typically 4-5 months. We've found when we get the initial interest and put down a provisional date for the potential customer that this is a good amount of time so the customer doesn't feel pressured into choosing products they're not totally sure on. We've found over the months the customer can quite easily change their mind on a lot including colours, finishes etc. Your bathroom will be for a long time so it's important to pick the products that you'll like long term. We've also found it helps customers get their budget together and prepare holiday from work etc. The 4-5 months waiting time can initially sound a long time but is does go very fast. If you require an install sooner but would like our products we're more than happy to help you on a supply only basis. More information on supply only can be found by clicking here.

What areas do you cover for installs? Biggleswade, Potton, Sandy, Gamlingay, Stotfold, Langford, Caldecote, Henlow, Sutton, Broom, Dunton, Shefford, SG17, SG18, SG19.

Can we change our mind on products after quote and design? Yes, of course. There's a possibility you'll want to change things to suit taste and/or budget and that's fine.

What guarantee do we get on the installation products? At least a year on all installed items.