Minoli Tiles

The Minoli Core Essentials collection remains true to its founding brief of offering 'value without compromise'. The collection can create stunning, high quality cutting edge and classic finishes, without blowing the budget.

Minoli Tiles can be purchased directly from KBME. Simply come into the showroom or call 01767 314446 to enquire.

Below are the different ranges of the Core Essentials collection. Click on each one to look at the different styles, sizes and colours.

Adana          Apollo          Batim          Brancato          Bora          Burlington          Chevernie          Clarity          Compact          Cotswold          Crystal          Daino          Da Silva          Dovier          Elegance-Marble          Eternity          Focus          Foster          Hard Rock          Keywood          Kursal          Landes          Living          Marmara          Micenas          Myrine          Nexus          Nice          Neutral          Olimpo          Reale          Revealed          Select          Signature          Sintesis          Stelvio          Tanum          Terranova          Thames          Tree-Age          Tree-Charme          Tree-Fusion          Tundra          Graniti Gliati          Four Seasons